Emotional Thermometer

Navigate the emotional thermometer which highlights two core dimensions of human emotions: ENERGY and PLEASANTNESS.

Be mindful of how emotions can influence your thoughts, energy, or body language.

Become more attuned to your emotional states by observing your bodily sensations when experiencing high or low energy and noticing the quality of your thoughts when you feel low or high pleasantness.

Emotional Thermometer
Pessimistic Fearful Vulnerable Happy Engaged Acknowledged Detached Confused Inflexible Anxious


Recognize favorable aspects of a situation and be open to positivity.
Antonym: Optimistic


Fear has a justified purpose, but don't let it prevent you from reaching your goals.
Antonym: Courageous


By opening ourselves up to others, we are also opening ourselves to further growth and development.
Antonym: Brave


Congratulations! You are in alignment with yourself.
Antonym: Sad


Engagement is deliberate, you need to want and choose it.
Antonym: Disengaged


Feel satisfied you have received recognition from yourself and others.
Antonym: Ignored


Let go of unhealthy thoughts and relationships. Connect with yourself.
Antonym: Connected


Asking the right questions will yield clarity. In some cases, taking action will further discern it.
Antonym: Clear


Flexibility allows you to see possibilities where you assumed there were none.
Antonym: Flexible


Stay in control and create a sense of calm by not assuming the worst-case scenario.
Antonym: Calm